It all started in the years 1850, when the domaine Millet was created.

Our ancestors settled in the pretty little village of Bué, surrounded with vineyards, looking like a multicoloured painting, following the seasons.

Bernard and Pierre had already noticed the existence of noble soils and they planted the famous grape varieties Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.

These soils and grape varieties have been recognized as an appellation (AOC), since 1936. 

As they both had a fine palate, they had always wanted to improve the quality of their wines. So, they were the first to follow the technological innovations of the last century.
They had also very well understood that it was impossible to get easily the subtlety of the “terroir”, without a regular and special care. Over the years, they managed to pass down their patience and common sense through generations. And that’s what enhances the winemaker’s job.

We are the fifth generation of winemakers running the domaine, and when you come and visit us, you’ll meet Monique, François or Nicolas.

Today we run 21 hectares , 75 % are planted in Sauvignon (white Sancerre wine) and 25% in Pinot Noir (red and rosé Sancerre wine)

But our love of the unique “terroirs” doesn’t end there.