Discover the vineyard and Monique Francois Millet (SCEV) Bué winemakers in Sancerre.

With a South / South East exposure, The Millet Francois And Monique vineyard is located all around the village of Bué en Sancerre, on two different soils :

The « Caillottes » : a very stony soil mainly composed of limestone (from the Oxfordian era) ,it represents the biggest part of the domaine. There’s not much clay in it.

The « Terres blanches » : chalky clayey  soils, containing a lot of clay. The piles of stones that can be found there, are fossils dating back to the Cetacean era.

They are called « Terres blanches » because of the whitish colour they have when they dry after the rain.

The « Silex» : Well known as "stone gun", this soil gives angular siliceous rocks . A really demanding soil.


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