Welcome on our website « Domaine Monique and François Millet ». (SCEV) wine maker in Bué en Sancerre.

Located two hours drive from Paris via the motorway A77, between Bourges and Nevers, by the river Loire, right in the middle of the Berry area, Bué is a charming small village; its beauty remained intact.

In ancient times, Bué was a den for sorcerers and ghosts who used to organize witching hours in « Marloup », in dark nights.

Nowadays, the witching hours gave birth to a crazy fair in the village, every first Saturday night of August.

Not far from Sancerre, you’ll discover its 2800 hectares of vineyards, spread on unique soils, well known for a long time.

These soils produce white, red and rosé Sancerre wines which are famous all over the world.

But the history of the domaine François Millet is even more particular.

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